Hon. (Prince) Rotimi Agunsoye (ROT)

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Rep. (Prince) Rotimi Agunsoye on Wednesday, 16th June, 2021 and Thursday, 17th June, 2021 alongside others members of the House Committee on Information, National Orientation, Ethics & Values sat to take contributions from the general public at a two-day public hearing on:

(1) A Bill for An Act to Amend the National Broadcasting Commission Act 2004, Cap N11 (HB 332) to Strengthen the Commission and Make It More Effective to Regulate Broadcasting in Nigeria, Provide for Payment of All Monies Received by the Commission into the Federation Account in Accordance With Section 152 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Encourage Liberal Openness & Favourable Competition in the Industry

(2) A BIll for An Act to Repeal the Advertising Practitioners Registration Act 2004 (Cap A7) and Enact the Advertising Practitioners (Registration, Licencing Etc) Bill for the Establishment of A Council for Advertising Practitioners as the Apex Regulatory Authority for the Nigerian Advertising Profession & Practice

(3) A Bill for An Act to Establish the Nigerian Institute of Translators & Interpreters (HB 135)

(4) A Bill for An Act to Repeal the National Film & Video Censors Board Act 2004, Cap N40 and Enact the National Film & Video Censorship Classification & Exhibition Regulatory Commission Bill for Classification of Films, Video Works, Musical Videos & Video Games (HB 514)

(5) A Bill for An Act to Amend the Nigerian Press Council Act 2004 (HB 330) to Remove Bottlenecks Affecting Its Performance & Make the Council In Tune With Current Realities In Regulating the Press

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